Basil Ede - Wild Birds of America.

  "For fourteen years I had the privilege of working for The WARNER COLLECTION of Gulf States Paper Corporation, who had commissioned me to paint a life sized collection of the wild birds of America. In 1975, when the undertaking began, I was introduced to the Andrews family who are dedicated members of their framing business PICTURE THIS INC. and who are "official" framers for the Warner Collection.

  As an Englishman, living on the other side of the Atlantic, I greatly enjoyed visiting Tuscaloosa, Alabama, twice a year to check and sign the facsimile prints that the Warner collection were producing of my Wild Birds of America paintings.

  Each time I visited, The Warner Collection had organized shows of my prints and original works in various parts of the U.S.A.

  As a result of these shows I came to know Lee Andrews well. He provided the transportation and the care of the paintings and prints which were to be shown, usually accompanied and assisted by another member of Picture This Inc..

  I now know that, after twenty five years, Jack, Ovella, Lee and Mike Andrews are amongst the best picture framers in the business and are leading a noble and skillful profession.

  I, among many other artists, thank Picture This and the Andrews family for being there."

   -Basil Ede