Art and Framing Tips:

Hanging Pictures.

While hanging pictures and mirrors in homes, offices, and collections for the past 25 years,
I have devised methods for measurement and placement that work well for me,
and may work well for you! 

Step (one): I measure for two hangers  spaced apart approximately half the width of the frame.
example:  If the frame measures 24" high by 36" wide, the hangers would be spaced 18" apart.

Step (two): Determine the height to the center of  the picture. If the picture height is not limited by
furniture underneath it, I have found that 66" from the floor to the center of the picture seems to
be a pleasantly acceptable height.

Step (three): To hang a picture 66" (or the height that is best) to the center from the
floor, I hold the picture wire on the back of the frame tight with my  fingers apart the distance
figured in step one. I then measure the distance from the center of the frame up to the wire as I
am holding it tight.  I add this measurement to 66", (or the height that is best) and I have
the height from the floor to place the hangers on the wall.

For large heavy pictures I use hanger loops on each side of the frame,  Not a wire
across the back. If wire is used, it is formed into individual loops on each side of the
picture, with the wall hangers spaced apart 3 inches less than the full width of the picture. This
way stress on the frame and hangers is reduced, and it makes leveling the picture easy. To level
with this method, I simply put twists in the loop of wire on the side of the picture that is
hanging too low.
                                                   - Mike Andrews