"Working Dogs of the World"
by Count Bernard de Clavière d'Hust
From  Westervelt Press - Tuscaloosa , Alabama

Border Collies: Folding the Flock.
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 Two beautiful border collies, intent upon their duty, guide a small group
of recalcitrant sheep.  Nipping on the heels of these dogs is a storm that
smokes and boils in a dark and dangerous sky. In the distance a shelf of
rock shaped like the jaws of a huge trap lies in a nest of brush and trees as
if set by some giant hunter and forgotten.  The only escape from this
threatening moment in nature is forward into the light.

  This Magnificent portrayal of working border collies reveals how deeply
artist  Count Bernard de Clavière d'Hust  understands the sudden dangers
of nature.  Nonetheless,  the artist's great  love of  nature does not allow
him to make that  statement  without adding a  redemptive  slope to the 
foreground so that it appears that nature, aware of its own capricious 
behavior, is helping the dogs guide the sheep to shelter.

"The shadows have invaded the valley. The sheep would 
be without defense had not the dogs assumed their duty
with determination and authority."

~ The Count

  A true working dog in every sense of the word, the Border Collie is 
usually found shepherding sheep, but is equally capable of herding other
animals. This dog is the most often used herding dog in America and is 
said to have an eye that can hypnotize cattle.

  The Border Collie is believed to have descended from reindeer herding 
dogs introduced into the British Isle by invading Vikings. About 300 years
ago in the Scottish border country the Border Collie as it is known today
was developed. These marvelous shepherds are usually black and white,
but may be found in other combinations such as red and white, merle
or black, white, and red.

This print is part of the "Working Dogs of the World" edition which includes the following dogs. 
Black Labrador Retriever, Border Collie, English and Irish Setter, English Pointer,
 Golden Retriever, Yellow Labrador Retriever.