"Working Dogs of the World"
by Count Bernard de Clavière d'Hust
From  Westervelt Press - Tuscaloosa , Alabama

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About the Artist
Count Bernard de Clavière d'Hust

        Called by the Wall Street Journal "one of the leading animaliers of this century", 
Count Bernard de Claviere d'Hust became familiar with his subject, the dog,  long before he
began to paint them. Born in Lyons, France in 1934, the Count raised and trained dogs while 
enjoying many a hunt with them.
        He began  painting after studying with such  masters as  the well  known  Versailles  art 
restorer, Etienne Polet, and the renowned animal painter, Count Xavier de Poret. Influenced
greatly by Velasquez,  Poussin, Rembrandt, Oudry and Thomas Stubbs as well as the Italian 
Renaissance painters,  the Count describes himself as a painter who "sees the modern from a
classical perspective."
        One of  his  most  famous  commissions  was  by  the  French government  when  they
commissioned him to paint Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II's favorite royal steed, Burmese,
to be presented to her as a gift from the French government. This now hangs in her majesty's
private collection  along  with others that  hang in places such as  Buckingham Palace and  the 
collections of the Prince of Wales, Lady Rupert Nevill, Mr. & Mrs. Edmund Vestey, The Prince
and Princess Armand d'Arenbert, Mr. & Mrs. Ralph Lauren, and Mr.& Mrs. Warrington Gillet
to name a  very few around the world.
        In 1993, Count de Claviere was commissioned to paint a series entitled "Working Dogs of 
the World" for  Westervelt Press. Count de Clavière's fame as  the  preeminent  artist of animals 
will continue to spread as he turns his brush to creating the stunning Working Dogs of the World
series which will be reproduced  and made available in absolutely limited edition serigraphs. 

"My painting is not based on color but on
luminosity and shadow."

"I suppose my work is a personal search for
the 'pour quoi' of life. Art is the shortest
road between life and the inexpressible."

~ The Count.