"Working Dogs of the World"
by Count Bernard de Clavière d'Hust
From  Westervelt Press - Tuscaloosa , Alabama

English and Irish setter: On The Set
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Two gentle dogs, the aristocratic English Setter backing the Handsome
Irish crouched in a point, are in their element in a lighted brush and pond landscape
created by renowned animal artist, Count Bernard de Claviere d'Hust. The Count
explains that he deliberately chose a wooded landscape because such an environment
is best for the hunting skills of the Irish and English Setter. The Irish Setter seems to
have just taken the point while his "back up", the English Setter, seems to be 
seeking more than standing.

"The verticals of the trees are elongating the point of the Irish Setter like
nature itself is at the point with him."

~ The Count

The oldest of the three setter breeds, the English Setter originated in England
 during the 16th century. It is probably a cross between a Spanish Pointer and a
 spaniel. It shares many attributes with the English Pointer and is considered, as
 is the English Pointer,  to be a blueblood of  the gun dog world. 

Late during the same century, The Irish Setter was developed in Ireland and is 
believed to have resulted from a combination of English Setter, spaniel, and
pointer with,  perhaps,  some Gordon Setter. The Irish Setter's solid red 
coloring did  not  become standard until  the 19th century.

Early huntsmen developed the setter to "crouch" whenever a partridge or quail 
was  found so that  a net could  be thrown over both the  birds and the dogs.
Setters became valued  gun dogs when wing shooting began in the early 18th 
century.  The English Setter remains a popular field dog,  but breeders of the 
Irish Setter have turned from the field to the bench.


This print is part of the "Working Dogs of the World" edition which includes the following dogs. 
Black Labrador Retriever, Border Collie, English and Irish Setter, English Pointer,
 Golden Retriever, Yellow Labrador Retriever.