"Working Dogs of the World"
by Count Bernard de Clavière d'Hust
From  Westervelt Press - Tuscaloosa , Alabama

English Pointers: On The Point.
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Two magnificent English Pointers,  one poised in a point,  the other
backing up his partner,  quiver into frozen expectancy.  Behind the 
two dogs, as if in sympathy with their purpose, an ancient tree leans
 into the point.  Within the artist's stormy and wild landscape,  these
 fine working  fellows with their leather collars,  sleek appearance,
 and  down to business  attitudes appear quite civilized.

"The Pointer's incredible strength and endurance make
him the king of the flat fields."

~ The Count

English Pointers begin to exhibit  their marvelous  hunting abilities
at  an early age.  By the time English Pointer  puppies are two 
months old  they are pointing  and  backing.  Through careful 
breeding,  this instinct and a suitable temperament for hunting 
has been enhanced.  Attention  has also been  given to 
developing  the breed's speed and endurance. 

The first record of an English Pointer dates back to the early 
1600's.  In all likelihood,  the  pointer is a descendant of the 
Greyhound, Foxhound, and the Bloodhound, along with some
ancient setting spaniel. At one time there  were a number of
distinct breeds of pointers. It is believed that the English Pointer
 is the direct result of a cross-breeding of the Spanish Pointer,
 for the nose, and the Foxhound  for pace and stamina.


This print is part of the "Working Dogs of the World" edition which includes the following dogs. 
Black Labrador Retriever, Border Collie, English and Irish Setter, English Pointer,
 Golden Retriever, Yellow Labrador Retriever.